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Come join team #MetabolicallyFlexible and see what the fuss is all about! This lifestyle is amazing! Do keto, not forever!

Each month of this journey, you will get a new meal plan and training plan. Six months of keto and six months of low carb. You can either do the journey straight like that, or go in and out of ketosis to find your sweet spot.

Plans are designed for men and women with training plans to match your nutrition. Access everything through an app on your phone.Start living a metabolically flexible lifestyle today!

Chances are, you’ve heard of keto – a nutritional breakthrough that turns your body into a fat-burning powerhouse. However, getting started (and doing it correctly) can be overwhelming. When you join team #MetoblicallyFlexible, you’ll have instant access to this fantastic lifestyle through our app explicitly created to guide you through the journey.

Our custom training plans are suitable for both men and women and are catered to your specific nutritional needs. Throughout this program, you’ll experience six months of ketosis and six months of a low-carb lifestyle. Because everyone’s metabolism is different, the amount of time spent going in and out of ketosis will be custom to your body.

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So Whats The Difference?

Basecamp Coaching

work with my team

(Training + Nutrition only)

Are you ready to reach the next level? Are you ready to stop attempting to make progress on your own, and just want someone to tell you exactly what to do?

Well, you’re not alone, and that’s why we’ve created this next-level Higher coaching program. This program goes beyond your standard meal-plan and workout guide.

You’ll go through neurotransmitter profile testing to first address how your neurons are firing and if there are issues with energy displacement that need to be addressed. This program is designed to not only help you reach your peak fitness level, but help you to develop a positive, healthy mindset that will follow you through life.

You’ll work one-on-one with weekly check ins from one of our highly-certified Higher coaches to discuss your progress on your custom workout plan and nutrition (calories & macros taken into account). Lastly, you’ll have access to our new Higher Training app. You’ll find unlimited resources, guides and more to ensure you success in this program.

This program has been life-changing for so many, and we want to open it up to anyone looking to invest in themselves in a way that will impact their success, health, mindset and more for years to come.

What Is Included:

  • Higher Training App Access
  • Neurotransmitter Profile Testing – Thibarmy.com
  • Custom Training Plan
  • Customized Calories & Macros
  • Meal Plan with Recipes & Shopping List
  • Weekly Check Ins with Your Coach – Through the app
  • Texting w/ coach

Higher Coaching

work with me

(Training + Nutrition + Mindset)

When you look at your life, how do you feel? Are you satisfied with your health, your relationships, your family, your career?

Working to change lives over the past years through successful personal training and nutrition programs, Tara realized she wanted to do something more.

This is the ULITMATE program for women looking to RISE up beyond

Reaching optimal health requires going beyond the physical aspect and looking inward.

While good physical health is important, reaching a higher level of emotional health is the missing piece to achieve real success and wellness.

In this exclusive Higher Coaching program, you’ll work directly with Tara herself – a nationally certified personal trainer and nutrition coach with multiple certifications from her years of dedicated practice. After years of helping clients find physical health, Tara realized it was time to take her program a step further and reach women ready to rise.

In this exclusive Higher Coaching program, you’ll work directly with Tara herself – a nationally certified personal trainer and nutrition coach with multiple certifications from her years of dedicated practice. After years of helping clients find physical health, Tara realized it was time to take her program a step further and reach women ready to rise.

This in-depth-program includes Neurotransmitter profile testing to identify how the energy in your mind is circulating. This helps to identify where there are influxes or deficiencies in your neurological pathways, and what you can do to balance them out. From there, you’ll work with Tara through a customized training plan, meal plan made for your body, and weekly check-ins to remove the guess-work and keep you on track.

What Is Included:

  • Higher Training App Access
  • Neurotransmitter Profile Testing
  • Customized Training Plan
  • Customized Calories & Macros
  • Meal Plan with Recipes & Shopping List
  • Weekly Check Ins with Tara


  • Texting with Tara
  • Personal Development Program – 90 Day Journey Program
  • Private Higher Facebook Group
  • 3 Group Zoom Video Calls a Week with Tara:
  • M – Mindset Monday
  • Work It Out Wednesday – Science/Nutrition
  • Fastrack Friday – Q/A and Accountability

Additional Options:

Deep Dive Testing (Optional):

  • DNA Analysis*
  • Bloodwork Nutritional Analysis*
  • Hair Mineral Analysis*
  • HRV Monitoring*
  • Blood Sugar Testing*
  • Body Composition

Its all about the people.

Success Stories

Becky L.

I know it’s not flaunt it Friday but i’m so excited I had to share. I put this top on for the first time since fall/winter last year and the arms were loose, last year it was snug like under armour! Win! Win! 

Trainer Lindsey

So a lot of you have been asking me for an update on where I’m at! Thank you for the love and concern. 🥰

Most of you know that I gained 50lbs in a year after competing in 2018. My hormones were crazy and I was gaining 1-2lbs a week every single week. It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever been through. I know that might seem shallow to some but that’s how I felt.

During that time I was working with @coachtaragarrison and she was exactly what I needed! Not only did she become an amazing friend and helped me to see past this body that I live in and that I have so much more to offer the world, but doing keto and low carb with her naturally raised my thyroid levels so I was able to get off the medication that I’d been on for years! She coached me through wrapping my head around the constant weight gain and was also there for me when the weight finally started to come off!

Devon C.

My goal for these 28 days was to lose fluff, lose some weight and re-train my mind to crave different foods. Ultimately, I think the photos show that did happen, and I’m very proud of myself for sticking with this plan. However, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was nervous for what’s next. I’ve been a yo-yo/crash dieter for awhile and my weight goes up and down like crazy. I’m hoping this is going to be maintainable moving forward, because this group showed me to focus more on my mind than the scale!
Tara Garrison
—I’ve been in a lot of workout groups/challenge groups/boot camps, etc but never one as good as this. Your wealth of knowledge and availability to us has been a game changer! I’d truly love to talk about potentials of working with you one-on-one if you have that to offer.
Starting stats: 127.6
Ending stats: 114.8
Total lost: 12.8 pounds
**i will say, I was at my heaviest when starting that I’ve seen in awhile so those first few pounds came off quickly. I do not think I want to focus on losing more weight but to gain strength and actually have a strong looking body**
Thank you all for being part of this group!! It’s been great to read your struggles and successes! And see all the yummy food we’ve made 😊

Letter To Tara...

- Christine Jenkins

I quit my job! Oh, and I became independent!

I am just getting back from a “personal vacation”??  And here are some updates of my mental, written journal notes.

My husband is amazing. As long as we have been together we do things as a team. (super wonderful and great but I need to learn to be independent.) I grew up with everything taken care of and I have been in relationships all my life with everything taken care of. I have never had to be independent. 

So I left my house, job, family and friends. I rented a cabin 5 hours away. Terrified of being alone I figured it was the best way to put all your teaching mechanisms to work to allow me to grow or fail. 

I grew. I am growing and I choose to continue to grow. 


I fished. I cleaned my fish. I fried my fish. 

I did my own grocery shopping, learned to love the colors and find love in the amounts of nutrients. 

Yoga. Oh how terrible I am at yoga. 

I fasted for 60 hours. (life changing on all levels)

I would wake up and have my coffee on the deck, no phone, no commotion, no distraction. 

I focused on my journal. Simplifying it, no bullshit. (job, friends, excuses, what I want, God, universe, true gratitude not forced.)

I prayed. A lot. I prayed so much it was as if I had an invisible friend I would discuss and with.

I read. I read a lot. So much reading. So much learning. 

I wept. And I wept. I straight up ugly cried until I no longer felt heavy, scared, alone or pain. I just let go. 

I fed a chipmunk. Actually, he stole my food off my plate on the deck. 

I had my first Tee Time! HA! Who am I? – I actually liked golfing and plan to do it again. 

I rented a kayak. I ran into some tough terrain with heavy rain on my kayak. Pulled off on some rocky shore. I was upset. “Why am I putting myself in these uncomfortable situations with no plan or promise of outcome” I yelled out. I had my sass pants on and wept. As my head lay on my knees I heard something next to me on the rock. It was a bluebird, he didn’t stay long before he flew into the sky which caught my attention – the most beautiful double rainbow I have ever seen. The universe and God were helping manifest my growth. I felt it. 

The next morning, I started to run for the first time in my life. I felt I was supposed to, made for it. Therapy and rebuilding were the words that came to mind going through those trails. 

Then when I returned to the cabin, I took all the dumbbells, plates, and the barbelI out of the pick up to bring in the garage there. I lifted as if my life depended on it. Hard. I lifted like I never have. The sucky, that pain, I pushed that weight like I had something to prove and I wasn’t afraid of it. A different kind of pain. An exciting, rebuilding, growing kind of pain.

I need this. I need this everyday. It is more than a well-built physique; it is the mentality to keep going when you don’t feel you have it in you. It is the strength to overcome. I am beyond grateful I have found this or you have taught me or maybe it found me. 

I am seeing more light than ever before because I am learning to walk through the dark. 

Alone. With no comparison. With no other opinion. No distractions. Is where the light is beaming and allowing me to learn. 

I am choosing to hang with dreamers, doers and people who reflect my soul. 

Hanging around complainers and the unmotivated creates a tough environment for thriving in all the areas I want to thrive in. 

I have this quote on my bookmark – “You will never meet a strong person who’s had an easy past. For a champion wins the battle in the mind first. You must wholeheartedly believe that you have already won. You are in charge of your own success and failures. You are what you believe you are. Will you fall sometimes, of course. But success only comes after you refuse to let those failures define you. You must believe in yourself more than anyone else.” 

In conclusion, I thought I was just signing up and wanting a Tara Garrison body (was I terribly mistaken LOL)  I am finding my beauty in strength. My mindset is strong but it will constantly need homework to keep it that way as we are always a work in progress for better. I do not have my second job for insurance and that is just going to be a new adventure. God, and the universe are aligning with me more and more and I couldn’t be more grateful. Lastly, I do not even feel I need to be humble about it, I currently feel like a badass. 🙂

Tara Garrison I appreciate you and all you teach. My heart goes out to all the people in this world that are not truly living. The harmony in my heart and the feeling I currently feel is something I could have continued this life not living. 



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